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health and beauty

Is it just me or when you start caring about your health (eating better and making sure you exercise more) do you also start caring about beauty more. By that I do not mean slapping make-up across your face every day. In my opinion that can actually be bad for your skin. I mean cleansing and moisturising daily and treating those bad areas.

I have always been bad with keeping up a beauty regime but for the past few weeks I have been and I have seen noticeable difference in the skin on my face (using an avon scrub and then a organic brand called dews baby moisturiser which was better than their face moisturiser which was just a tad bit too oily for me).

My hands by using 2 different organic brands again 1 called I love cosmetics all over lotion and dews hand lotion and I have started being nicer to my legs which always get really dry putting on doves tinted moisturiser after exfoliating. Tinted because I tan easily on the top but pretty much torso under does not tan so I need it or else I look weird.

I also started taking care of my feet I have never in my life gotten a pedicure due to the fact that my feet are really sensitive to being touched and I am afraid I would end up kicking the poor girl in the face that was trying to give me one. I can barely even touch my own feet without kicking up in shock they are so sensitive! I have a few areas of calluses due to this. Nothing gross no cracking or anything just really really hard skin that holds onto heat easily! So I have started putting on avons callus cream which I am meant to apply twice a day but I think once a day is better than nothing.

Just wondering if anyone else has found that once they start  caring about their body being healthy they start caring about their skin too?
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