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Progress so far in my challenge a bit over 5 more weeks to go. So excited about the difference really can’t wait to see how much more difference the next 5 weeks can make… I didn’t see these changes in the mirror I was like oh okay probably lost 1 cm or something so this made me so happy. 

This is mainly from weight training btw for all those people who will bulk from it!

This is my blog… the one for the 12 week challenge… well it kind of got out of hand and now its just my blog. So if you want to keep following me please follow me there. It seems I am way too busy to keep up 2 blogs. I know I have been slack and you guys probably forget you are following me but if you do remember and you do wish to follow… please do! I would be so excited if you joined me on this :D

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Zoom I will try this but I am unsure april 1st is already over so I will have to take a photo of my dinner tonight (its left overs from yesterday so will pretty much look the same :D)

I will try this but I am unsure april 1st is already over so I will have to take a photo of my dinner tonight (its left overs from yesterday so will pretty much look the same :D)

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I <3 all the blogs I am following on this account

after not being on for a few days I had a lot of reading to catch up on but totally worth it. The people I follow are so diverse and write about such different things and have such different goals in life that it is just worth the time in reading it all.

My 12 week challenge is going good and I have nearly finished my 2nd week. 2nd week has been a bit tough. While I am doing great at the gym and haven’t deviated from my diet I ate all of what the dietitian told me and got major bloating. I think I have to cut out the 3 pieces of toast she has in there its a bit excessive anyway. I will have the piece of toast for breakfast when I catch the bus to work as its a bit longer between breakfast and morning tea. 

I want to tell you guys I am already seeing results but I think 1 thing that is really working for me is drinking a LARGE glass of water before I do anything in the morning… especially before I eat breakfast :).

I really hope everyone is going well I really have to stop being slack I am still half way through my note to a penpal i got in Disney land I find it so hard writing the first note though I guess thats why I am struggling. And also because the thought of talking to someone who actually works in that magical world is so exciting for me I am afraid i will sound like a fan girl! oh and I signed up to my works team for a 5k fun run tomorrow … need I mention I do not run ever. Its not in my training for this challenge at all so that will be … interesting! Oh well we will see how I go I guess :). 

Have fun everyone and keep blogging. Hope I haven’t lost too many followers from my absense because I love you all <3

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Sorry for my absence

I have now completed the first week of my challenge though and I did pretty alright though not completely happy with the results here they are:

Weight: 61.6kg (135Ibs) Lose of 1.5kg (3.3Ibs)

Body Fat: 24.8% Lose of 0.5%

Muscle Mass: 19.7kg (43.4Ibs) Lose of 200g (0.4Ibs)

Not happy because I am not trying to loose weight and I am trying to gain muscle. It actually looked good mid week did a sneaky weigh in was the same weight as when I started and had gained muscle and lost fat but since loosing the 1.5kg in the last few days of that week the results were not so pleasing. I do not actually understand the weight loss myself. been eating enough for a family of 4 of protein and carbs.

I went to Evanesence on Friday with my mum (yes I am a geek that hangs with their mum so what!) that was pretty fun we slammed in my cheat meal of the week before hand a grilled burger… I got the Baa Baa burger which is so juicy and yum. 

Did 10 hrs + of exercise last week in total including 4 hrs of weights 4 hrs of zumba and 2 hrs of body balance. Had a lovely spa and sauna on my rest day where I met a nice Irish guy working and traveling around Australia. He was very cool to talk to lost track of time. My partner swears he was hitting on me but I just did not pick up on any vibe from him so was relaxed about chatting which was sweet.

I must stress that I would not be able to go through this challenge without preplanning my meals. This includes cooking lunch for 6 days on sunday. It takes about an hr to 1.5 hrs if you include the dishes etc but its a godsend especially when going to the gym so much around working fulltime. It really makes a difference. I have to stock up on more basmati rice and more pumpkin though so may buy some on the way home :D. 

Okay better get ready for my training day now I got 15 mins to shower get dressed and pack my bags D: but I am driving today so wont mater if I leave a little bit later. Usually when I am on time the teacher isn’t anyways (damn training)

If for some strange reason you miss my posts or want to see my exercise during this challenge message me and I will post you a link to my challenge blog. Unsure about posting my before pics before 3 - 4 weeks through (I will get some progress pics then if the results keep being good and there is a noticeable difference) 

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I am going to be forever full

Trying to eat this diet the dietitian gave me for my challenge and I am so full its not funny. I do not think I can eat 1 more bite!

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Zoom Where do I get me one of these lunch boxes looks good for portion control. Put protein and carbs on 1 side and veggies on the other. WOOO 

Where do I get me one of these lunch boxes looks good for portion control. Put protein and carbs on 1 side and veggies on the other. WOOO 

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I will be starting a new blog from this one soon. It will only go for 12 weeks from when I start my 12 week program on the 19th of march to finish. It will contain before photos progress photos and boring things like exercise how I feel and what I eat. It will contain how i feel that day and have proper stats such as body fat % muscle % and measurements. It will probably be very boring to follow though maybe not.

My partner asked me how serious I was about the challenge and I replied that I was pretty serious and wanted to mainly work on muscle and body fat % through it. He has now told me he will pay for a dietician session for them to write up a diet plan for me. This excites and scares me as I am scared I wont be able to follow the plan but I am excited to get professional help through my journey when it comes to diet and hoping that knowing my partner has so much faith in me will give me so much more motivation. I cannot believe how kind he is to invest financially into this challenge for me. It makes me so happy that he believes in me so much!

I am working out what my other weight days will be at the moment and then I want my partner to go through it with me and say what i should change as he has been doing weights a lot longer than me. I want to try to do as little when it comes to machines as possible. I know thats probably weird but I just believe its easier to fake forms on machines which will not benefit me during the challenge one bit.

Anyways I will put a link up to the challenge blog once I start writing in it. I think I will make it today and just make the exercise routine page. I will put my weight and measurements up the day before the challenge starts and my before pictures the day the challenge starts (for the challenge you have to provide a photo of yourself holding a newspaper with the date on it as registration goes for a month so they can work out that people didn’t cheat and have longer to complete it).

So excited about it all. Going to have to really dedicate time and energy into this especially in food preparation.

Wish me luck everyone :D

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THIS IS ME. Especially the first one. I’m a stickler for repetition. However I don’t really see myself as being socially awkward…I’m just a little paranoid. Haha :)

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Sorry for lack of posting

I am sick and feeling blah it wasn’t that bad and i tried to fight it by going to the gym drinking lots of water eating really healthy but alas it just drained me more and more. Yesterday I did nothing I was lucky to do over 6000 steps during my 10,000 step challenge. In hopes that I kick my pedometors arse I did not reset it today so i can divide the results instead for the past 2 days but I don’t know how that will work.

My partner is currently in day surgery for his wisdom teeth and I know a lot of people have wisdom teeth removal and usually it is a normal procedure but his is in the hospital not at the dentist. He has to go under general anesthesia and the wisdom teeth are pressed against a very important nerve. They are also too far down so they have to cut into his jaw bone to get rid of them and I am quite… worried. I am his emergency contact and put as his contact to pick him up. So I am sitting around very nervous and scared of going for a walk or going to the gym incase they call. I know its unlikely for them to call now. He was meant to arrive at 11 meaning the surgery will need to be set up after that and if they are running behind he may not be worked on for hrs… then after the surgery he is under observation for a few hrs so I know the likely hood of them calling me now is very slim but I am still worried I might miss their call if I go and do something. 

Anyway back to my flu once it kicked in in a way that made me too tired i stopped eating healthy which is bad. I only have 1 more week before my 12 week challenge starts and lets just say I want to win! Really fucking badly want to win! So i better kick my arse back into gear otherwise i will be battling some mad junk food cravings while doing my challenge which will make it very difficult. Oh well just thought I would explain my absence.

Also I guess another reason for my absence and only reblogging is that I am doing a traineeship and I am getting paid shit all. I haven’t been paid this badly since I studied but the place I am doing it through is a really nice place to work and very good for my mental health. The traineeship is done through modules so I am trying to complete it early. Going to try to complete my cert III by May and my Cert IV by Sept. So I can continue on and move onto Diploma/Adv Diploma. Then I will prob look for some kick arse high paying job during the last 6 months of my traineeship. I am expecting 60k+ from this. I mean I am working my butt off for a pitence atm and doing shit I have never done in any of my previous jobs and been paid so much more. With the stuff I learn through Tech college through my traineeship and the on the job skills I will have at the end I should be able to demand more. I will prob laugh in the face of any low paying job. In Australia because the cost of living is so high (especially where I live) a low paying job is prob 50k or under. Lowest I will prob accept will be 55k. That will give me enough to live comfortably start focusing on my pension and investments for the future and stop stressing over cash. 

Anyways this post is really boring because I am sick so I am going to write and post my letters to my penpals because I can today… because I usually work during the post office opening hours so I can’t post letters even if I do write them :( 

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the kind of personal trainer i would want



Yesterday I overheard a personal trainer tell his client, “The only head you should be worried about turning is your own. You shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks about your body. I want you to catch a glimpse of yourself stepping out of the shower and do a double take.”

This made me smile.

I love this!

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Undressed Skeleton: 10 Diet Foods That Make You Fat (Fitness Magazine)


The Backpack Bad Guy: Trail Mix

Store-bought versions of this hiking staple should take a hike. A 1-ounce handful of banana chips packs 10 grams of fat (they’re usually deep-fried), and yogurt-covered raisins are coated with partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, which contains saturated and…

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A) moldy jelly beans

B) microscopic view of sugar powder

C) Bugs

D) None of the above

Answer below

What you need to know:

This is a 10X zoom image of the female cochineal insect (Dactylpius Coccus), producer of what has been considered for centuries the best red dye in the world.

Originating in Aztec Mexcio, the female cochineal insects set up shop on cactii, where they breed and eat. The male lives for just one short week to reproduce and then die.

The Aztecs would collect the bugs, briefly boil them in water, dry the bodies in the sun and then pulverize them into a fine scarlet powder known as cochineal or carmine. The powder dye was used for royal garments and was later coveted by the Spanish conquistadors who brought it back to Europe.

The relevant pigment in the bugs is a bitter chemical called carminic acid.  Food manufacturers began using it about 100 years ago to add luster to products such as pork sausages, dried shrimp, candies, jams, and maraschino cherries.

As food science progressed, cheaper artificial dyes Red #2 and Red #40 replaced the natural cochineal until its production became uneconomical.

However, fears over the carcinogenic effects of artificial food coloring helped cochineal stage a comeback, and it is now featured in various food products, including Yoplait strawberry yogurt.

Although carmine is considered safe by the FDA, about 1 in 10,000 people develop some sort of allergic reaction when consuming it. Thus, starting in January 2011, the FDA is requiring all foods and cosmetics using cochineal to explicitly state its presence in the ingredient list.

The new labeling will also be beneficial to vegetarians and Muslims who wish not to eat bugs. Interestingly, carmine is considered kosher by observant jews.

What to do at the supermarket:

Look for the following on the ingredient list – Carmine, Cochineal, E210.

- From -

As you can plainly see in our last picture, the ingredients in strawberry Yoplait definitely includes carmine. How good does this “yogurt” sound to you now? If that doesn’t convince you, just look at all the other processed junk in it.

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Zoom dearfabel:

Treat others like you would like to be treated. (Taken with instagram)

I think this is so wrong. I am also athiest and though I do believe there are probably higher powers of some sort i do not believe in any of a religious sense. Religious people do not like to be looked upon badly due to their religion so why do they get to look upon someone due to their beliefs! 


Treat others like you would like to be treated. (Taken with instagram)

I think this is so wrong. I am also athiest and though I do believe there are probably higher powers of some sort i do not believe in any of a religious sense. Religious people do not like to be looked upon badly due to their religion so why do they get to look upon someone due to their beliefs! 

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